Monday, November 05, 2007

No more Halloween of yester-year...

Halloween was okay this year, but compared to past years, it was pretty bland. There were less trick or treaters, less pumpkins (real ones, not the fake ones everyone uses today), fewer witches, and more stale candy. As you might guess, our girls were adorable in their costumes and they had a blast, but truthfully, they are too young to remember how Halloween use to be.

I remember the days of when Halloween meant everybody was gonna get scared at some point in the evening. There were almost always scary ghosts, scary stories, haunted music, and even an occasional flying witch swooping down from the eaves of the house. Not today. Today there are Disney Princesses, Sponge Bobs, Hannah Montana's, and a few semi-scary pirates (thanks Johnny Depp).

But now when I go to the door to hear a terrifying "TRICK OR TREAT" I usually see some cute Ariel, or a hyperactive Sponge Bob. But they are cute none the less. Let me tell you my real Halloween pet pieve. These over-sized, too-cool, loafing teenage boys who stick their pillow case to my chest and mumble "hey" in some type of "you're bothering me" tone. Argh!!!

So, what will it be like when our kid's are the parents swinging open the door? No telling, but I betcha it will make them think back too.

And this weeks picture of my scary kids (so call me a push over, but nobody wanted to be a vampire)...

Aren't they scary?