Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facebook and Twitter. Social Networks or Glass Houses?

So it seems that my most recent sleepless night has given rise to an epiphany. Yes, even I have those occasionally. Anyway, what dawned on me is that late night postings, updates, "tweets", and general blogging to the world makes day to day life much more transparent than you might want it. Sure, call me paranoid, but it is true. While I will admit that I really have nothing to hide (at least I don't think so), it is somewhat disturbing to feel like I am living in a glass house.

Bear with me on this...just assume that it is midnight and you can't seem to doze off (like the problem I had just last night). Well, you might try some warm milk, counting sheep, watching the late night horror flick, might decide to log onto your Facebook page and get caught up on what all your friends are up to. And before you know it, you are posting and commenting fast and furiously. Then you head over to Twitter to let everyone know what's on your mind and how cute the latest Youtube video of a cute kitten is. So it goes until say 3:00 am. Finally you're ready to head off to bed.

The next morning arrives way too soon. You will yourself out of bed, crawl to the coffee pot, and try to find some life in your tired bones. With your head full of cobwebs, you contemplate your day, then come to the decision..."I am much too tired to be productive today. I think I will call in sick." You pick up your cell phone and quickly dial the office before anyone is there and leave a series of scruffy sounding "I am not feeling very well today" messages. did it. Now you can sit back and have a lazy day.

As you pour your second cup of coffee, you flash back to the hours before. You reflect on all the postings and mindless chatter you engaged in and think to yourself that it might be fun to check your Facebook and Twitter blogs. You were on fire last night. A man among men! A real wordsmith if there ever was one. Surely someone has taken in your rants and late night musings and posted some insightful replies. You wake up the computer, log on, and with child like excitement, you check your Facebook Wall. You're astonished to find...nothing. Not a single response. Not even a simple LOL. Let down, you re-read all your late night ramblings and snicker "Who cares anyway." You rationalize that the postings were only meant to be seen by your family, your friends, and ... OH CRAP!...YOUR CO-WORKERS!, and even your BOSS. The boss who had decided to partake in their own Web 2.0 social experiment.

As you frantically try and clear your status, delete your tweets, and recapture your good name, your cell phone rings. You guessed it. Boss man! Actually "bossman1165." The same "bossman1165" you referred to as "tight wad" and "too old to be in the club!" Yes...the same "bossman1165" you forgot who had just days before asked you what this "Facebook" phenomenon is all about.

As you log onto your bank account and check your available balance then surf over to the Department of Labor website, you reflect. Then you conclude...the next sleepless night you have, you should just watch that horror flick rather than starring in your own.

Glass houses exist. Be careful!

Monday, November 10, 2008

2008 Halloween

How did I forget to post this???? Here are the girls about to sing and impress as Hannah Montana and a Chinese Princess.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Amazing Video

Not sure if this is real or not, but it sure seems so. Someone will need to clean out their pants!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well...America asked for it, and now we shall see what we get. Change. Hmmm. I, for one, and not going to dwell on the election, the results, the campaigns, or even the past. Instead, I am going to focus my efforts and energy into making some much needed changes for myself and my family. Not sure where it all will end up, but I must live by the "nothing ventured, nothing gained" motto for awhile. Who knows...I may be so happy with what I find that I will never change again.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Is it me or should you have to pass a test to be allowed to vote...

Neil Boortz has been saying this for years and here we have audio proof that some are voting based on anything EXCEPT the issues.